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Close up of a quantum component
Ion Trap quantum simulator; inset shows 53 interacting spins.

In the last decade, DQC scientists pioneered the simulation of semi-tunable quantum Hamiltonian models based on trapped atomic ions as interacting spins; much this research will appear in an upcoming Review of Modern Physics article. 

In 2015, we designed and built the first fully-connected and reconfigurable universal quantum computer. This device competed favorably with behemoth industry quantum computer systems offered on the cloud—but we were just getting started.

In 2017 we designed and built the world’s most powerful quantum computer, with up to 32 fully-connected qubits and better then 99 percent fidelity on gates. This system was unleashed in 2019, has been running remotely and semi-autonomously since February 2020, and we are now operating and building two next-generation systems.

Photo of the EURIQA quantum computer
EURIQA Quantum Computer system. (Supported by the IARPA LogiQ program, Sandia National Labs, L3Harris, and AOSense.)

Along the way, our team has formed a large number of collaborations with researchers worldwide, who generally come to us with a research problem in their own field—from condensed-matter and nuclear physics to cosmology and game theory. Below we list the collaborations, many of which produced new science in the form of a publication.



Ion Trap Clients

2013AnalogMonroeFrustration and AFM order1610Science 340, 583J. FreericksGeorgetown
2014AnalogMonroeLieb-Robinson propagation110.5Nature 511, 198A. GorshkovNIST
2015AnalogMonroeSpin-1 Dynamics4-68Phys. Rev. X 5, 021026 A. RetzkerHebrew Univ.
2016AnalogMonroeManybody Localization108Nat. Physics 12, 907D. Huse, P. HaukePrinceton, Univ. Innsbruck
2017GateMonroeHidden Shift, Toffoli-3 Gate512-60PNAS 114, 3305M. RoettelerMicrosoft
2017GateMonroeGrover565Nat. Comm. 8, 1918D. MaslovNSF
2017GateMonroe[[4,2,2]] Error Detection527-32Science Adv. 3, e1701074K. BrownDuke
2017AnalogMonroePrethermalization2223Science Adv. 3, e1700672Z. Gong, A. GorshkovNIST
2017AnalogMonroeTime Crystals1050Nature 543, 217N. YaoBerkeley
2017AnalogMonroeDynamical Phase Transition8-533-6Nature 551, 601A. GorshkovNIST
2018GateMonroeToffoli-4 Gate533Thesis, C. FiggattD. MaslovNSF
2018GateMonroeFredkin Gate, Fermi-Hubbard Renyi entr.5163PRA 98, 052334S. JohriIntel
2018GateMonroeBayesian Game520QST 3, 045002N. SolmeyerARL
2018GateMonroeQubit Detection ML5n/aJ. Phys. B 51 174006M. HafeziJQI/UMaryland
2018GateLinkeCHSH game46experiment completedXingyao WuQuICS/UMaryland
2019GateMonroeFull Adder, Parallel CNOTs420Nature 567, 61D. MaslovNSF
2019GateMonroeGenerative Modeling ML448Science Adv. 5, eaaw9918A. Perdomo-OrtizNASA
2019GateMonroeQuantum Scrambling745Nature 567, 61B. Yoshida, N. YaoPerimeter, Berkeley
2019GateLinkeDeuteron VQE Simulation365PRA 100, 062319R. Pooser, O. ShehabOak Ridge
2019GateLinkeBenchmarks and Comparison790ISCA 2019, 527M. MartonosiPrinceton
2019GateLinkeLattice Gauge ThyPhys. Rev. Res. 2, 023015Z. DavoudiUMaryland
2019GateLinkeValidating stabilizer states310Phys. Rev. A 99, 042337Amir KalevQuICS/UMaryland
2019GateLinkeEfficient QAOA (Max-cut, Deuteron)520arXiv:1906.00476Isaac Kim, Omar ShehabStanford, IonQ
2019GateLinkeDynamical mean field theory450arxiv: 1910.04735Ross Duncan, Ivan RunggerCQC, NPL
2019AnalogMonroeAnalog QAOA15-406PNAS 117, 25396A. Gorshkov, S. JordanNIST, Microsoft
2020GateLinkeCircuit QAOA, TFD state generation992PNAS 117, 25402T. Hsieh, S. JohriPerimeter, Intel
2020GateLinkeQuantum walks theoryarXiv:2001.11197B. Radhakrishnan, C. ChandrashekarARL, Chennai
2020GateLinkeQuantum walks, cellular automaton5113Nature Comm. 11, 3720B. Radhakrishnan, C. ChandrashekarARL, Chennai
2020GateLinkeLee-Yang Zeroes570arXiv:2009.04648Lex KemperNCSU
2020AnalogMonroeQuasiparticle Confinement408Nature Physics, in pressA. GorshkovNIST
2020AnalogMonroeMany-body dephasing1010Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 120605F. Marquardt, L. GuoMPL Erlangen
2020GateMonroeCircuit-based MBL3-950arXiv 2006.12355A. Matsuura, S. JohriIntel
2021GateCetina[[9,1,3]] Bacon/Shor code1354?arXiv 2009.11482K. BrownDuke
2021GatedLinkeIsing Scattering495manuscript in preparationYannick MeuriceIowa State
2021GateLinkeSchwinger model simulation2-6>200experiment in progressZohreh DavoudiUMaryland
2021GateLinkeEnvarianceexperiment in progressWojciech ZurekLos Alamos
2021GateLinkepara-Boson digital simulation312experiment completedBlas R. LaraINAOE (Mexico)
2021GateLinkeEdge-cover problem QAOAexperiment in progressB. Sundar (Zoller), K. HazzardInnsbruck, Rice
2021GateLinkeFourier-series MS-gate21experiment in progressNikodem GrzesiakIonQ
2021GateLinkeTriangle game6experiment in progressAkimasa MiyakeUniv. New Mexico
2021GateLinkepara-Fermion simulationexperiment completedBlas R. LaraINAOE (Mexico)
2021GateLinkeMolecular Cluster simulations7experiment in preparationNicolas SawayaIntel
2021GateLinkeRing-molecule dynamicspreliminary discussionsRob ParrishQCWare
2021GateCetinaNMR inference5-13experiment in preparationEugene DemlerHarvard
2021GateNoelPhase transitions & measurement5-21experiment in progressMichael Gullens, David HusePrinceton, NIST
2021GateLinkeChaos-QAOApreliminary discussionsGregory Quiroz, O. ShehabAPL, IonQ
2021GateLinkeGAN-compression of circuitspreliminary work in progressXiaodi WuQuICS/UMaryland
2021GateLinkeQFT- based benchmarkingpreliminary discussionsYannick MeuriceIowa State
2021GateLinkeBlock-diagonalization via Groverpreliminary discussionsSonika JohriIonQ
2021GateMonroe, Linkemulti-platform quantum volumetrypreliminary discussionsRoss DuncanCQC
2021GateLinketerm-ordered VQEpreliminary discussionsTeague Tomesch Princeton
2021GateLinkeCluster state generationpreliminary discussionsR. Raussendorf, V. ScaranoUBC, Virginia Tech
2021GateMonroeCross platform benchmarking9preliminary discussionsPeter ZollerInnsbruck
2021GateLinkeblock-optimized VQEpreliminary discussionsChristian Kokail Innsbruck
2021GateMonroeDMERA circuitspreliminary discussionsStephen Jordan, Brian SwingleMicrosoft, Brandeis
2021GateLinketoric codepreliminary discussionsStephen Jordan, Brian SwingleMicrosoft, Brandeis
2021AnalogMonroePhase transitions & measurementpreliminary discussionsN. YaoBerkeley