Duke at QIP2020

Duke at QIP2020

Daily Guide to Duke presentations at QIP2020


Poster 118

N. Brown, M. Newman and KRB Conditions for fault tolerance in the presence of leakage


Talk: 14:25 N. Rengaswamy, R. Calderbank, M. Newman and H. Pfister. On Optimality of CSS Codes for Transversal T

Posters: 247, 248, 289, 326

D. Debroy, M. Li, S. Huang and K. Brown 9 Qubit Compass Codes Under Realistic Ion-Trap Noise

M. Li and T. Yoder Decoding Subsystem Codes Defined with Classical Expander Codes

N. Rengaswamy , K. Seshadreesan, S. Guha and H. Pfister Belief-Propagation with Quantum Messages on Pure-State Channels

S. Huang and K. Brown, FTQEC for 2D Compass Codes


9:00 K. Brown, The Fault is in Our Qubits: FTQEC for Device Dependent Noise


14:25 M. Newman, L. de Castro, and K. Brown Crystalline Cluster States for Topological Measurement-Based Quantum Computing