DUQE at QIP2019

Duke University Quantum Engineering is at the Quantum Information Processing conference this week.

Accepted Talks

Friday Jan. 18,  Iman Marvian will present his results showing coherence distillation machines are impossible in quantum thermodynamics.


#81 2-D Compass Codes, Muyuan Li, Michael Newman, Daniel Miller, Kenneth Brown and Yukai Wu

#126 Stabilizer Slicing: Coherent Error Cancellations in LDPC Codes, Dripto Debroy, Muyuan Li, Michael Newman and Kenneth Brown

#172 Kerdock Codes Determine Unitary 2-Designs, Trung Can, Narayanan Rengaswamy, Robert Calderbank and Henry Pfister

#173 Symplectic Matrices for Logical Clifford Synthesis and Diagonal Unitaries in the Clifford Hierarchy,  Narayanan Rengaswamy, Robert Calderbank, Swanand Kadhe and Henry Pfister 

#438  Controlling error orientation to improve quantum algorithm success rates  Daniel Murphy and Ken Brown