Asymptotic improvements to quantum circuits via qutrits

TitleAsymptotic improvements to quantum circuits via qutrits
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsP Gokhale, JM Baker, C Duckering, NC Brown, KR Brown, and FT Chong
Conference NameProceedings International Symposium on Computer Architecture
Date Published06/2019

© 2019 ACM. Quantum computation is traditionally expressed in terms of quantum bits, or qubits. In this work, we instead consider three-level qutrits. Past work with qutrits has demonstrated only constant factor improvements, owing to the log2(3) binary-to-ternary compression factor. We present a novel technique using qutrits to achieve a logarithmic depth (runtime) decomposition of the Generalized Toffoli gate using no ancilla-a significant improvement over linear depth for the best qubit-only equivalent. Our circuit construction also features a 70x improvement in two-qudit gate count over the qubit-only equivalent decomposition. This results in circuit cost reductions for important algorithms like quantum neurons and Grover search. We develop an open-source circuit simulator for qutrits, along with realistic near-term noise models which account for the cost of operating qutrits. Simulation results for these noise models indicate over 90% mean reliability (fidelity) for our circuit construction, versus under 30% for the qubit-only baseline. These results suggest that qutrits offer a promising path towards scaling quantum computation.