The Future of Information Processing is Quantum

Putting Quantum Computers to Work

The Duke Quantum Center is a unique “vertical” quantum institute that conducts research on the entire stack of a quantum information system. We’ve pioneered the world’s leading quantum information processing architecture, so rather than focusing solely on theoretical questions or experimental research with quantum components, we’re co-designing the entire quantum information stack, from qubit components and control of entangling operations up to applications and algorithms — plus everything in between.

A Unique Approach
to an Emerging Technology

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Research Areas

Recent News

$100 Million to Advance Duke Science and Technology Research

A $100 million commitment from The Duke Endowment—the largest award ever received by Duke—will expand recruitment of new faculty working in emerging technologies like quantum computing and global challenges such as climate change and pandemic disease. The Duke Endowment of Charlotte, N.C., is supporting Duke University’s efforts to expand its faculty in computation, materials science… Read More »$100 Million to Advance Duke Science and Technology Research

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Quantum computing on Capitol Hill

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology held a hearing on May 19th, Accelerating Discovery: The Future of Scientific Computing at the Department of Energy, which included testimony from Duke’s own expert, Chris Monroe. “Quantum computers are as revolutionary as they are challenging to grasp and build” testified Chris Monroe, the Gilhuly Family Presidential… Read More »Quantum computing on Capitol Hill

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Duke Technology Powers First Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company to Wall Street

Born from a 15-year-long collaboration between Duke University faculty members in engineering and physics, IonQ will become the first publicly traded company focused solely on quantum computing. The company on March 8 announced it had entered into a merger agreement with dMY Technology Group, Inc. III (NYSE: DMYI.U), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company… Read More »Duke Technology Powers First Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company to Wall Street